Born of a shared passion, the OS X META collection is the encounter of a painter (Os Cane) and a fashion designer (Metamorphose). The first is inspired by the amalgamation of nature and the human body, while the latter is a passionate designer of visual art in all its forms. Each in their own way combines texture and colour to create delicate organic works.

The two artists wanted to combine their talent to create exclusive fabrics made from existing canvases, and thus recreate these works to dress the body with organic femininity. Wishing to develop a sustainable and timeless fashion, they use the sublimation process which consists of integrating the image directly into the fiber of the fabric. In this way, the print is faithful to the original painting, guaranteeing an irreproachable quality, in its colours and its brightness, in addition of offering unequaled durability.

By creating a collection of "Art to wear", each model is developed to transcend the ages. Love at first sight for a piece of clothing will be as powerful as that for a canvas or a sculpture: a sentimental investment that will follow you for a long time.


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