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A new collection for spring? Yes and no...

Published on 31/03/2020

Dear customers, many of you are asking me if there is going to be a new Metamorphose collection for spring... the answer is yes and no, I'm explaining:

As you probably already know, 2019 was a year full of new projects and strong in the world: motions (moving the workshop, opening a new shop, Marathon and fundraising, etc...) 

2019 was also a year of reflection and questioning. I have no idea if it was the entry into my 40th year of existence that made me think so much, but I decided that for the rest of Metamorphose, I was going to make big changes for years to come, taken exactly a year ago, when I was alone dismantling my booth during a show in Toronto on the night of my lover's party who stayed in Montreal. stress of making two collections a year, leaving on the road at each beginning of the season to try to promote what I do... it had become too difficult for me physically and emotionally... The same week, my boyfriend spotted a local to rent at 5 minutes & agrave; feet from my house and, after that, you know it: the opening of my new shop Espace Flo! This new project is what I always wanted to do, namely to have a Quebec designer shop! It also allows me to have a new quality of life, something I hadn't tasted for years. Metamorphose clothes, of course there will still be, but at my own pace, without pressure, to always offer you beautiful exclusives in quantity. ; limited on my website and store. So I will no longer make two collections a year but new models that will come out when the inspiration is there, like a painter with his paintings. I have always preferred exclusivity over quantity and I will offer you the best of myself with a model at a time that you can order in presale on my online store.I thank from the bottom of the ❤ the points of sale that allowed to make known Metamorphosis and all the people who worked with me in the production of the collections. I also take this opportunity to thank X100000000000 my “almost daughters” Roxane & Marie-France for their unparalleled loyalty: in addition to immaculately producing the clothes with their fairy fingers, they have always been there by my side and ensured the the workshop worked well when I was on the road (#GRATiTUDE, I'm going to miss our good working days!) I have finally found a balance that suits me and now I have time to live beautiful moments with those around me. I return to the very essence of my company, which began exactly 20 years ago with the same principle: to create small quantities of exclusive clothing by size and model. I can't wait to show you what's up in my head! Thank you for continuing to follow METAMORPHOSE and above all, come and take a look at my new shop Espace Flo because in addition to my collection, you will find the cream of talent from here.